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Beyond FTP Server

Beyond FTP servers offer several advantages over standard FTP servers. Every Beyond FTP Server has incorporated within it "Active Server Technology," meaning it has the ability to interact automatically with Beyond FTP Clients as well as other Beyond FTP Servers.  

The Beyond FTP Server is easy to install and use, with its state of the art "explorer-like" drag and drop interface, file transfers are only a few mouse clicks away.

The Beyond FTP Server allows the user to define scripts, server lists, and file lists in an easy and intuitive way.  The Beyond FTP Script Editor has over 100 script templates and  was designed with "intellisense"  to guide you through every step. There is no programming to learn, no large learning curve – and you don’t have to know the vagaries of FTP commands.

Evaluate the Beyond FTP Server
Evaluate the Beyond FTP Server

Screen shots

"The Beyond FTP Server also includes Beyond FTP Client capabilities ."

Features Benefits
  • PowerScripts

A forms based script designer makes scripting of complex tasks easy. There is no need for you to know FTP commands. Learn more about the powerful features of the Beyond FTP scripting language.

  • Script Templates
Over 100 example scripts that you can customize to your environment.


  • Lock-SAFE Technology
Now you can use Beyond FTP's industry standard encryption to send your file transfers to any FTP Server.  Set up a public directory for non-encrypted files and a Lock-SAFE directory for private sensitive data.

Beyond FTP also supports SSL2,SSL3, TLS and PCT secure protocols.

  • Assured Delivery
Beyond FTP will automatically retry and restart transfers. After the transfer completes successfully Beyond FTP will verify the integrity of the file.  This guarantees that the file will be sent, and when it is complete, it is correct.
  • Active Server Technology
The Beyond FTP Server has  incorporated in it, a peer to peer technology (also known as push and pull technology), allowing it to connect to other Beyond FTP Servers and allowing Beyond FTP Clients to connect to it.  In other words every Beyond FTP Server can be a client and every Beyond FTP Client can act as a server.
  • Runs as a XP, Windows NT or
    Windows 2000, 2003 Service
Beyond FTP runs as a Windows NT or Windows XP, 2000, 2003 service so your machine does not have to be logged on continuously.  Also, if the machine is rebooted for any reason Beyond FTP will be loaded automatically.  This is particularly important for mission critical sites and applications. 
  • Multiple Simultaneous Connections and Multiple Simultaneous Transfers
The Beyond FTP Server supports multiple simultaneous transfers to multiple servers. This allows for faster transfers and complete bandwidth usage.
  • Simultaneous Script Processing
An unlimited number of scripts may be simultaneously processed by the the Beyond FTP Server.  Scripts can also be automatically forwarded to other Beyond FTP Servers or Clients.
  • Unlimited Users and Security Rights
Beyond FTP Servers allow unlimited users and security rights to be assigned via the Beyond FTP Security Program.
  • Automatic Dial-Up management
Automatic connection and disconnection to a dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP) is supported  if needed. This allows complete user intervention free operation.
  • Address Book
All of your FTP sites are securely stored (password protected) and accessed via the Beyond FTP Address Book.  Sites may be grouped together in folders for visual convenience.  The address book can also be exported and imported.
  • Ad-hoc Transfer and FTP Site maintenance
Beyond FTP allows ad-hoc transfer with an explorer-like drag and drop interface.  Drag files from one window to another to initiate transfers.  File deleting, renaming, and attribute modification are supported, as well as, directory creation and deletion.
  •  File Synchronization and Archiving
File synchronization is supported, meaning that, the source and destination files are compared and only files that are new or have been modified will be sent. Other modifiers are also available including: send only new files (add), send files only if they exist and are newer (freshen), send only older files (rollback).  In addition, source or destination (or both) files may be archived - when a transfer is completed successfully the file is moved to an archive directory automatically.
  • Execution of External Programs
Beyond FTP scripting allows external programs to be run at any point in the script. This  provides processing of files. For example a program can be run that extracts data from a database and then transfers the data - when the data reaches the destination another script picks up the data and stores it into it's local database.
  • Transfer of entire Directory Structures
Beyond FTP allows entire directory structures to be transferred.  This feature allows easy mirroring of entire sites or portions of sites.
  • Remote Administration
Beyond FTP Servers and Clients can be remotely administered provided that the user has administrator rights on the remote machine.  Address Book distribution, Remote Distributions, Beyond FTP configuration, and Beyond FTP Security are all supported.  Your entire FTP network can be modified without you leaving your desk.
  • FTP Site Search
Beyond FTP can search an entire FTP site for one file or provide a filter based on wildcards, dates of modification, or file size.
  • Distribution Status and Transfer Status
Beyond FTP gives you the ability to track and control every facet of a distribution or transfer. Distributions and transfers can be monitored real-time or checked after completion. A convenient reporting mechanism allows you to get hard copy results of all your distributions and transfers.  Beyond FTP also provides statistical analysis of your distributions and transfers with an easy to use 3D charting system.
  • Alerts
Beyond FTP allows the user to send email or pager messages based on the failure or success of a distribution.  This allows the user or administrator to  proactively deal with failures such as a site being down.
  • Scheduling
Beyond FTP allows the user to schedule scripts or transfers for any date and time either once or repeatedly.  Scripts can be repeated automatically according to the following user criteria: after n seconds, minutes, or hours; daily, daily except on weekends, daily during a time range (i.e. every hour between 1:00am and 6:00am) , weekly, monthly, at the end of the month, yearly and several more combinations of the above.  Beyond FTP also maintains a holiday schedule. 
  • HTTP and HTTPS Support
Beyond FTP allows you download content directly from a World Wide Web Server without the need for an FTP Server.
  • FTP Proxy and Socks4 and Socks5 Firewall Support
Beyond FTP has support for FTP proxies and FTP User proxies as well as Beyond FTP to Beyond FTP Socks4 and Socks5 firewall traversal support.
  • FTP Directory Structure and File Caching
Local caching of FTP directory structures and files allowing extremely fast traversal of an FTP site once it has been visited.
  • Non-Standard FTP Server Display, Template Support
Beyond FTP normally recognizes and displays FTP information in an explorer-like format.  Beyond FTP also allows the user to define templates for FTP Servers whose display format is not automatically recognized.
  • Contextual Help and Tutorial
Beyond FTP provides contextual help via the F1 key.  The help system is a mirror of the actual program so that once the help system is activated you can explore and get help for the program by clicking on individual sections of the screen images.  Beyond FTP also supplies a comprehensive tutorial, allowing the user to get a jumpstart on some of the most important features.
  • Directory Polling
Wait until a file appears in a directory then transfer it automatically.
  • Transfer Throttling
This feature allows the user to speed up or slow down transfers depending on bandwidth usage.

Click here for a capability comparison between the Beyond FTP Server and the Beyond FTP Client.


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