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What's New in Beyond FTP Version 3.2

Beyond FTP Version 3.2.0 includes a number of changes “under the hood” that constitute the first step in bridging to our 64-bit version of Beyond FTP. This has resulted in improved performance that may or may not be readily apparent. What will be apparent is the upgrade in the user interface of the three primary programs: Beyond FTP, Script Editor, and Script Status. Various tool and status windows can now be summoned upon demand, freeing up real estate for the primary Beyond FTP functions.

Beyond FTP Version 3.2.0  includes the capabilities of Version 3.1.0 as well as the following enhancements and new capabilities:

Beyond FTP Program Enhancements

  • The Service Status Window and the Quick Start Window can now be pinned into place or allowed to slide out when summoned.
  • The Edit Address dialog has been enhanced to support the various dial-up, SSL, and certificate functions that once required a particular syntax in the server address field. This improves the process of creating specialized server addresses.
  • The MailMe and Get Web Page tools have been moved to the Script Editor tools menu.
  • The management of the holiday schedule has been moved to the Script Editor tools menu.
  • FTP Server addresses now provide a naming convention that allow you to access ftp servers that are completely hidden from typical ftp clients.
  • FTP Server addresses can now be configured to log on implicitly. This allows user information to be delivered based on a certificate and not the standard user and password commands.
  • FTP Server addresses can now be configured to operate a clear command channel following a successful exchange of user and password. This is sometimes referred to as “firewall friendly ftp” and provides encryption for the account information and the data channel, yet allows packet inspection by intervening firewalls.
  • The Standard FTP Server now supports configurable data ports for transfers in passive mode, and user defined certificates for SSL connections.

Script Editor Program Enhancements

  • The Workspace, Results, and Tool Box windows can now be pinned into place or allowed to slide out when summoned.
  • The Tool Box window replaces the wildcard and list commands toolbars.
  • Multiple holiday schedules may be managed and assigned individually to different scripts using the Holiday_Schedule command.
  • The Tools menu now includes both the MailMe and Get Web Page configuration tools.
  • The script coloring operation has been improved to reduce the pauses that resulted from the processing of lengthy scripts.

Script Status Program Enhancements

  • The Workspace and Output windows can now be pinned into place or allowed to slide out when summoned.
  • Refreshing of status information has been improved to reduce overhead and provide smoother operation. A new option provides control of the interval between refreshes of the displayed information.

Script Language Enhancements

  • FTP_Command provides access to raw ftp server commands.
  • Holiday_Schedule specifies a specific holiday schedule for the script.
  • A number of string parsing operations can now be performed with the Assign command.
  • Date manipulation can now be performed with the Assign command. Dates constructed in this manner can be stored in numeric variables.
  • The Queue_Distribution command now accepts a specific start date and time.
  • The While command can now step through a folder list as well as a file list and a text file.

Beyond FTP 3.2.0 Patches and Hot Fixes

  • None


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