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Beyond FTP 2.2.0 Released

The easiest way to automate the Distribution of Corporate Data
Beyond FTP just got a lot smarter!

Howell, Michigan - November 18, 1998: Automated Programming Technologies, Inc., a Michigan based software development firm, announced today the release of Beyond FTP 2.2.0.

Beyond FTP is a secure, easy to use tool for distributing corporate data, documents and digital files over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. Several new enhancements have been added to the product that make it the professionals' choice.

Beyond FTP now interfaces to both Beyond FTP servers and traditional FTP servers giving it unparalleled flexibility.  As its name implies, Beyond FTP goes way beyond simple FTP clients,  allowing corporate professionals to secure, automate, schedule, control and monitor distributions and collections of important corporate data like never before.

Beyond FTP has been endowed with a completely new help system with extensive graphical support that simulates the operation of the program.  In addition to the help system a "How to..." tutorial is also provided.  These features alone will increase user productivity many fold, but several "wizards" have also been included to increase productivity even more.

Tim Townsend, Director of Engineering elaborates,  "The new Beyond FTP can be summed up in one word, 'Intelligence'.  We have added literally hundreds of tips, short cuts, wizards, and features to Beyond FTP 2.2.0.  This allows our customers to increase the speed at which they can get solutions to sophisticated data distribution and collection problems.  They can be up and running, in production, with a minimum of effort.  Beyond FTP now has the ability to proactively tell you if a distribution failed by either e-mailing or paging you.  Conversely, with its new script conditionals, retries and rescheduling logic, Beyond FTP scripts can practically run themselves without any user interaction whatsoever.  Now that's intelligence!"

For more information on the most powerful file distribution and collection tools in the industry, call 810-225-0588 , fax 810-299-3438 , or e-mail Mark F. Blumenau at .

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FAX: 810-299-3438


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International Sales: +01 810-225-0588
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