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Beyond FTP Version Help

What's New in Version 3.3.0

Version 3.3|tag=Overview_of_Beyond_FTP.0 looks very similar to Version 3.2|tag=What's New in Version 3.2.0 and includes only minor enhancements in the user interface.  However, the changes in the Beyond FTP service are fundamental.  All legacy code has been eliminated.  The system will now operate on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.  Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT 4.0 are no longer supported.  The result has been a general improvement in performance and a dramatic increase in transfer speeds for both local transfers and Beyond FTP transfers. 

If you are upgrading any version prior to 3.2.01 HF3, please read the comments in this section concerning modified directory handling.  You should verify that your FTP server addresses are working correctly following installation.  In certain very specific situations previously ignored errors may now be reported.

Beyond FTP User Interface Enhancements

  • Beyond FTP server names|tag=Configure Services can now be 47 characters long.  This lifts the previous limit of 28 characters for FTP address names and 20 characters for Beyond FTP address names. 

  • Beyond FTP Script names|tag=Save Script File With New Name can now be 96 characters long.  This lifts the previous limit of 19 characters.  Scripts that must operate on older systems must still adhere to the 19 character limit.

  • The Doscript.Exe|tag=Command Line Options program now provides an option for running repeating scripts one time, without the need to remove the Repeat_Time command.

  • The Address Book may be loaded and unloaded using the program ABLoader.Exe|tag=Command Line Options, rather than the primary GUI.

  • FTP client connections now support SFTP ultilizing the SSH security protocol.  This option is available in the address book.|tag=Edit Standard FTP Address Book Entry.

  • The Run button in the Script Editor|tag=Run a Script and the Script Status|tag=Run a Script program now executes scripts once.  The Schedule button will process the Repeat_Time and Time_Range commands.  This provides much better control over testing, and allows a script to be rerun manually without the added problem of removing unwanted entries in the schedule.

  • The list of scheduled scripts is now sorted correctly in date order.

Beyond FTP Script Enhancements and Changes

  • Deprecated script commands – such as deletefiles – are no longer supported.  You must use the newer forms.  The following commands will generate compile errors:


No substitute - this script type is no longer supported
No direct substitute - use IF/ELSE/END_IF
No direct substitute - use IF/ELSE/END_IF
No direct substitute - use IF/ELSE/END_IF
No direct substitute - use IF/ELSE/END_IF
No direct substitute - use IF/ELSE/END_IF
No direct substitute - use IF/ELSE/END_IF
Use No_Restart
Use Ignore_Error
Use Time_Range
Use Repeat_Time
Use Delete_Files
Use Queue_Script
Use Return_Results_To
Use Run_Async
Use Server_List

  • The Queue_Distribution command has been changed to Queue_Script.  Queue_Distribution will continue to remain a synonym for Queue_Script.

  • Directories can now be deleted using a variant of the Delete_Files command.

  • HTTP and HTTPS transfers can now be coded directly as FROM/TO|tag=From/To commands.  Both inbound and outbound transfers are supported.  Get Web Page and the associated  HTTP_Get commands are still supported, but no longer necessary.

  • The Queue_Script command provides a means to run a script and ignore the Repeat_Time properties of the script.  This provides a “one off” capability that prevents additional instances from being scheduled as a result of the script’s execution.  This is similar to “running” a script in the GUI.

  • A new variable naming|tag=Assign convention allows variables to be assigned|tag=Assign on a server by server basis within an EACH_SERVER|tag=Conditional Scope block of an IF/ENDIF|tag=If/End_If command.  This greatly simplifies programming for these conditions.

  • The Time_Range command will no longer process a single start time.  You must provide a range for there to be any effect on the scheduling of a script.  This is not currently enforced by the script compiler – but a single time value has no effect.

  • The Assign command includes a function that will translate an error value into its corresponding description and a function that allows for the retrieval of the last modified date.

  • The Write command provides a mechanism for writing a line without a carriage return/line feed.


Modified Directory Handling for FTP Server Addresses

A bug in the handling of FTP servers has resulted in ignoring certain errors when changing directories.  This error has typically been masked by other operations, and was only recently discovered.  Correcting this problem now reveals errors that have been masked in the past.  This results in more accurate scripting, but can also "break" scripts that currently operate correctly.

The issue is typically limited to those machines that have unusual file systems, e.g. AS400, IBM MVS, etc..  You should test these servers and scripts following installation of version 3.3.  Should you have problems, you can force a transfer to occur even when the directory change fails.  It requires that the following command occur before the transfers that must be forced:

            :Translate: +F

This is a hidden command, and overrides the information normally found in the :Instructions: command.  You must turn this off following the transfer, by resetting the Instructions or issuing the command:

            :Translate: off

If you have checked 'Use relative paths' you must also treat the file directory as a single unit.  Typically, the attempt to traverse the directory structure fails.  We will ignore this failure if the transfer is being forced and there is a single level in the directory.  Should your directory include more than one slash '/' character, you may force it to be treated as a unit by encapsulating the entire path in reverse single quotes:

            :From: `/lib/member`/file
            :To:   c:\inbound\file

This will force Beyond FTP to attempt a single directory change on "/lib/member" without a corresponding retreat using the CDUP command or its variants.

Beyond FTP 3.3.0 Patches and Hot Fixes

  • None


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